The roots of all OTS communications gear begin from supplying the U.S. Navy, as well as other government agencies, with underwater communications. OTS gear is designed to meet special operator’s demands and is used by many Special Forces around the world. All systems cannot be shown. Many systems are custom designed—meeting tactical demands specific to the user’s needs.

OTS has many items currently on the Authorized for U.S. Military Use (AMU) List. Recently, the British Royal Navy went out to the world and asked for all underwater communication manufacturers to send equipment for a 1 year evaluation. The outcome for the winner was a $1.4 million dollar contract, and the British Royal Navy would standardize on the victor’s equipment. OTS was the victor—beating all other suppliers.

If you are looking for the finest, field-tested underwater communication system, OTS has the solution to your needs.

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Diver Recall Systems

DRS-100B Diver Recall System

Hardwire Communication

MK-IV 3 Diver Air Intercom

MK2-DCI 2 Diver Air Intercom

MK-7 2 Diver (4 Wire) Portable Intercom

ComRope (4 Wire)

WT-MK2 Wireless Tender for MK2-DCI

Waterproof Ear/Mic for Kirby Morgan Helmets/Band Masks

Earphone/Microphone Assemblies

Wireless Communications – Diver Units

Magnacom® MAG-1003D Diver Unit – 70 watts

Aquacom® SSB-1001B – Kit, Includes EMA-2, Battery & Charger – 10 watts

Aquacom SSB-1001B-1 – Diver Unit Alone – 10 watts

Wireless/Hard Wire Hybrid – Diver/Surface Units

Magnacom MAG-1004-HS Hybrid Diver Unit – 70 watts

Magnacom MAG-1004-TAC (Locking Connectors) – 70 watts

Magnacom SW-1000-SC 2-Chan., Sleep Mode, Secure Freq. (Restricted – US Navy Only) – 70 watts

Magnacom MAG-1004PS Portable Hybrid Surface Unit – 70 watts

Wireless Communications – Surface Units

CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit

Aquacom STX-101M Surface Unit – 10 watts

Magnacom MAG-1001S Surface Unit – 70 watts

Magnacom MAG-1003PS Portable Surface Unit – 70 watts

Full Face Masks

OTS Guardian FFM (Not Currently AMU Approved)

Interspiro Divator MKII

Kirby Morgan M-48

Kirby Morgan EXO-26


ComRope Bag

Full Face Mask Protective Bag

Guardian Mask Accessory Rail System

2 Gas Manifold Switch Block

360° Hose Swivel

Rechargeable Batteries


YAD-S Y-Splitter for MK-7 (Allows 2 ComRopes to plug into 1 Diver Port)

BL-24 Adaptor Male Amp to Banana (Converts MK2-DCI ropes to MK-7)

BL-28 Adaptor Female Amp to Banana (Converts MK-7 Ropes to MK2-DCI)