Interspiro Technician Course

Interspiro Divator MKII (AGA) Full Face Mask

Technical/Maintenance Course

Cost $215 per Student Pre-Registered

To register for the Interspiro (AGA) Full Face Mask Technician Course – please download the fillable .PDF document below and send to Amie at :

Click here to access the class registration form : Interspiro AGA Technician Registration Form

The OTS Divator MKII full-face mask technical/maintenance course will provide hands on training in the following areas of the Divator MKII system:


1. Function of the regulator and mask.

2. Inspection of the external components.

3. Breakdown of the second stage regulator.

4. Breakdown of the mask body.

5. Parts identification.

6. Inspection and cleaning of the internal components.

7. Repair and replacement of parts.

8. Re-assembly of the second stage regulator.

9. Re-assembly of the mask body.

10. Adjusting the second stage regulator.

11. Testing the regulator with the Interspiro Mini Test Kit.

12. Troubleshooting the regulator.


Pre-register and receive a Bonus Pack including:

• 6-in-1 Screwdriver

• Applicator with Silicone Grease

• Gauge card for adjustments

• Certified Technician T-Shirt

• Divator MKII Service Manual


Time requirements: Six hours of classroom instruction, excluding breaks and lunch.


Recommended Items: Interspiro Mini Test Kit ($209.00) pre-ordered on registration form.

Minor maintenance Kit ($139.00) pre-ordered on registration form is required if mask is to be serviced during class.


Required Items: Divator MKII FFM (If student has no access to a mask, please advise,

these materials can be provided at no additional cost.)


Upon completion of class the student will receive Interspiro Service Certification – valid for five years.


Points of contact: (800) 550-1984 John Hott, ext. 112 or Amie Litzinger, ext. 116 or