Ocean Technology Systems offers a complete line of Full-Face Masks (FFMs), through-water transceivers, hard wire communications units, and support items designed to meet the needs of the Commercial Diver.

When determining whether or not the diver should use hard wire or through-water communications, consider the following:

  • Hard wire communications is the highest quality, most intelligible form of communications. Signals are transmitted via 2 or 4 wires safely encased inside of a braided nylon rope.
  • While distances of through-water communications has exceeded 6km, it is highly dependent on sea conditions, underwater obstacles, and turbidity.
  • Full-Face Masks configured with Earphone/Microphone assemblies can be used with both hard wire and through-water communications units.

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Hard wire Communications or Through-water Communications


View our Commercial Products

Full-Face Masks

OTS Guardian FFM

Interspiro Divator MKII

Kirby Morgan M-48

Kirby Morgan EXO-26

Hard wire Communication

MK2-DCI 2 Diver Air Intercom

MK-7 2 Diver (4 Wire) Portable Intercom

ComBox – Single Diver (2 Wire) Intercom

ComRope (4 Wire)

WT-MK2 Wireless Tender for MK2-DCI

Waterproof Ear/Mic for Kirby Morgan Helmets/Band Masks

Earphone/Microphone Assemblies

Through-water Communication

Aquacom SSB-2010 Transceiver – 5 watts

Aquacom SSB-2001B-2 Transceiver – 5 watts (No Voice Menu)

Buddy Phone RX-100 Receive Only

CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit

STX-101 Aquacom Surface Station – 5 watts

Bell-200 Backup System – 70 watts

STX-101SB Surface Unit – 70 watts

STX-101SBR Rack Mounted Surface Unit – 70 watts


ComRope Bag

Full-Face Mask Protective Bag

Guardian Mask Accessory Rail System

2 Gas Manifold Switch Block

Rechargeable Batteries


VSB-2 Audio/Video Adaptor Patch Cable

YAD-S Y-Splitter for MK-7 (Allows 2 ComRopes to plug into 1 Diver Port)

BL-24 Adaptor Male Amp to Banana (Converts MK2-DCI ropes to MK-7)

BL-28 Adaptor Female Amp to Banana (Converts MK-7 Ropes to MK2-DCI)